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  So, we had to do an argumentative paper about the memoir Bad Boy, by Walter Dean Myers. We had to argue about what we thought his greatest struggle was and what I chose was his social interactions with others. Now, I'm not intirally sure I should turn in THIS form mainly because it sounds as if I'm repeating the same information over and over again. It would be a big help if you commented on what you thought about it. Thanks~

There are children who would rather not bother with the problems of others and the world around them instead indulge themselves into hobbies, sports or other activities that they enjoy. Walter Dean Myers would be a fairly good example of these kinds of kids. As a child, Walter never had many friends and the fact that he was African American during the mid 1900's meant he had limited exceptional interactions with white people, places he was allowed to go and matters he was allowed to attend to. Walter was obsessed with literature, whether it is reading or writing it, and never had much thought into being a member of a profession handling it. However, Walter did not shut himself from others because of this obsession but because of his home life and due to the fact that his social interaction was depleting and supporting his family was the main priority.

    An example of the reason why his lack of social interaction would be his greatest struggle can be seen in his earlier years in school. Walter was a hostile child that only dealt with situations by fighting through them. In the first grade, when someone was mocking his poor speech, Walter resolved the situation by abruptly striking him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Walter also fought his way through most of the circumstances that occurred during the first few years of school, and that is what deemed him a "Bad Boy" that few would associate with outside of school. Continuing with outside the school, his interaction with friends meant picking on others, playing with a ball, riding his bike or any other sport. Without Walter's Violent interaction to the situation he had to deal with, he might have had more friends or at least acquaintances outside of school.

 During a point within his school years, Walter was recognized for his intelligence and was put into a special class for those ahead in intellectual matter like him. Walter had the acquaintances of those within the class seeing as they understood , like him, his passion for literature. Despite being in this class, as soon as Walter was promoted into higher grade levels, he lost contact with many of them and had only his main friend, Eric, whom he could barely be with anymore in some places due to racism and the fact that Walter himself pushed him away. Going higher into the grades reveals that Walter's only real friends were his siblings he would occasionally talk to and Eric who tried to contact him but even then they would rarely interact. He wasn't on the best terms with his mother or father either so that really didn't help.

   Now there are many other problems within Walter life that people could have easily said was Walter's greatest struggle; poverty, racism, his speech impediment, and the fact that he was a boy and liked to read could have been problematic but there is a reason why this essay revolves around the idea that its the lack of social interaction. Most of these, almost entirely excluding poverty, play a role within the social interaction. Racism was something that he probably had to deal with daily and the places that he could go and activities that he could participate in where limited, his speech impediment only greatly affected him in the earlier grades to the point where if anyone was willing to make fun of it they would have been struck with his fist and if he did happen to tell people that he liked to read, they might have not cared but I'd they did then they just might have simply left him furthering the lack of acquaintances.

  Walter Dean Myers is the author of the memoir, Bad Boy, and this particular book featured and described many of Walter's struggles when he was younger and one of which was his lack of social interaction. With much evidence to support the idea that this was indeed one of the most problematic of the given ideas, this concludes the argument in which one is the most serious within Walter's life.

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